Ebley Wharf


Photo 1

A view along the canal on a sunny winter's day. Houses alongside the waterway are modern, but reflect local building styles.

New houses at Ebley Wharf, part of the redevelopment of Ebley in the early 2000s.

Photo 2

An elegant stone manor, with tall chimneys and stone window surrounds.

Ebley Manor, formerly a children's home, has an impressive frontage, built out of Cotswold Stone, with mullioned (stone edged) windows and tall chimneys .

Photo 3

A double fronted Georgian house, built from Cotswold stone.

The rear view of Holly Tree House, a Georgian house that was altered to face the canal.

Photo 4

A black bird with a white head and beak, the coot has yellow legs and white feet which look as if they are inflated for buoyancy!

This coot, seen at Ebley, is a water bird with huge, bulbous feet that help it to stand in mud and on water plants.