Lodgemoor Mill


Photo 1

The canal is crowded with plant growth and mill buildings can be seen in the background.

The unrestored canal in 2011.

Photo 2

A row of little, very low red brick cottages nestle next to a tall stone mill building.

Just inside the mill site, former mill workers' cottages next to a former mill building.

Photo 3

A large, symmetrical and elegant Georgian Cotswold stone building.

The Mill owner's residence.

Photo 4

A girl stands looking over an attractive bridge with stone baulsters. Below is the fast flowing River Frome that used to supply water power to the mill buildings.

Admiring the view from the elegant stone bridge that crosses the River Frome.

Photo 5

A girl walks up the steep, stone path with bright sunlight shining on brick mill buildings ahead of her.

Taking the original, very steep stone path through the mill site. It was once a main entrance to the complex of mill buildings on the site.