Ryeford Double Lock


Photo 1

Three circular drainage holes in the brickwork that is part of the waterway wall.

Overflow drainage holes restored at Ryeford Double Lock.

Photo 2

Ryeford Lock 2

Ryeford Double Lock just before restoration.

Photo 3

The lock is seen from further away and at a low level. Water flows over a small  weir at the bottom of the lock.

Tail end of Ryeford Double Lock, showing its use as a weir before restoration.

Photo 4

A set of steps lead down from the lockside to the edge of the water. They are made of blue bricks and have a diamond pattern, which would help to give a grip in wet weather.

Original blue brick steps with diamond shaped grips down to the lock edge.

Photo 5

This view shows the cottage, behind its garden, overlooking the lock. It is whitewashed brick and has blue edged windows.

Ryeford Lock Cottage, an original lock cottage at the side of Ryeford Double Lock.