Skew Bridge


Photo 1

Seen from the top of the bridge, the low level riveted iron bridge parapet can be picked out and a view down the towpath to the left and along the railway path to the right are possible.

A new railing has been fitted inside the old low one now that this is cycleway.

Photo 2

The bulrush stands out of the water with long, thin leaves and displays a 'sausage shaped' flower that looks as if it's made of brown velvet.

Reed mace or bulrushes grow in the margins of the canal here.

Photo 3

A green corrugated iron building with a red roof overlooks the canal. Once busy with children boating and swimming in the canal, it is now a quiet place.

The old, disused Marling School boat house.

Photo 4

A girl looks at the River Frome approached by some simple steps from the canal towpath.

It's easy to step from the canal to the riverside as they run so close together here.