The Ocean


Photo 1

View across water with waterlilies on a sunny day with stone cottages in the background.

View across the wide part of the canal at The Ocean

Photo 2

Small carved stone plaque with a face at the top and stone drapes either side.

Plaque on the side of St Cyr's Church wall

Photo 3

Small wooden door with massive iron hinges and latch and simple carved stone surround.

Wooden door at the side of St Cyr's Church

Photo 4

Curled wrought ironwork fence with a small gate leads along a stoned path with the wall of the Stone Court Manor at one side

A delicate ironwork gate leads from the Churchyard to the canal.

Photo 5

A moorhen stands with its long yellow legs curled round a small branch in the sun

Moorhen perched on the branch of a willow over the water.

Photo 6

A coot , a small black bird with a white patch on its head and white beak, swims along in very clear water.

The water is so clear here that you can see the coot's foot and water weed through the water.

Photo 7

A stone church with a low tower and battlements sits next to the canal. There are tall water plants – irises and bulrushes growing next to the water.

St Cyr's Church opposite the towpath.

Photo 8

A watercolour book is held open and on the right hand page is a watercolour sketch of the church tower.

Iris Capp's sketch of St Cyr's Church

Photo 9

Iris sits in a chair looking at pages of her sketch book.

Iris looking at her sketch book with sketches and photographs of yellow flag iris.

Photo 10

A close up view of Iris's sketches and photographs of yellow iris flowers.

Yellow Flag iris studies