Photo 1

Two women and a little girl stand outside a house that looks very old. Part of the house is below road level.

"This photo shows the front of Wallbridge Cottage when my mother lived there. It was previously the Ship Inn which closed in 1914." Glenda Coombe

Photo 2

Three men appear to be moving a ladder or plank of wood in the middle of the site where the former Ship Inn cottages are hanging, partially demolished in the background.

This photo shows Wallbridge Cottage being demolisted possibly late 1970s or early 1980s

Photo 3

A small child wearing a white pinafore dress, sits on a home made wooden hobby horse, with the canal in the background.

Glenda on holiday in Wales

Photo 4

A little girl aged about 2 sits on a wooden horse. Three boats seem to be tied up in the background.

Glenda's mum, Esme Bingle plays on a homemade horse at the Wallbridge Wharf in 1921. The canal and working boats (or barges, as they were often described) can clearly be seen at the wharf in the background. The picture is taken at Lodgemore Lane, which ran behind the Ship Inn to Longemore Mill.

Photo 5

A young man crouches down with a small child in what seems to be a working yard.

Glenda's mother, Esme, with her uncle Hurbert Raymond Bingle at Wallbridge Wharf. In the background there are heaps of coal, a crane and warehouse.

Photo 6

A group of smartly dressed people pose for a photograph with the family dog, probably a spaniel.

This picture was probably taken in about 1921 . Glenda says "My grandmother Edith Bingle her husband Ewart Bingle not sure if the baby is my mother and do not know who the child in front is I believe the other two people to be my grandfathers brother Hurbert Raymond Bingle and his wife Mabel." The photo is taken just at the back of Stroudwater House, the Company of Proprietor's offices. The little tollhouse on the wharf can be seen in the background.

Photo 8

A small boat, with a green canopy, moves along the canal.

'Perseverance', the tripboat usually moored at Saul, just before the Princess Royal's visit to Wallbridge in February 2011. This was the first time a boat had been on the canal here for many years!

Photo 9

Stroud Brewery Bridge

Photo 10

This black and white photograph shows the brewery and a very quiet road where the roundabout is today.

The old Stroud Brewerey building, just above Wallbridge, in the 1950s. Notice how quiet the road was!