Bourne Mill


Photo 1

A small stone entrance to allow a man and a horse to get through. A heritage lottery sign on the wall commemorates work to restore the wall.

At the end of the Port Wall is one of the original port entrances. If you look carefully, you can see the other one, on the other side of the canal. This entrance would have been guarded and there is just room for a boaman and his horses to get through.

Photo 2

The low fence alongside the canal here is an unusual design of crossed wrought iron bars.

Looking east along the Thames & Severn Canal, away from the port, you can see an original stretch of low wrought iron fence. Bourne Bridge is up ahead.

Photo 3

A large lock without any gates.

The empty Bourne Lock awaits restoration. This photograph was taken at the end of 2011. This lock was one of two that were built to take both Thames & Severn barges as well as Severn Trows from the Stroudwater Navigation. The lock was unusually large.

Photo 4

A mill building with access to the third floor via an external staircase is built of stone. The Victorian brick viaduct looks as if it is so close behind it that you could reach out of a window and touch passing trains!

One of the original Bourne Mill buildings, right near to the later Victorian viaduct that is mentioned in the audio.

Photo 5

A mill building with an external staircase, windows on one side of the building and central doors on the ground and first floors.

An original Bourne Mill building on the other side of the viaduct.

Photo 6

A view through ground floor windows to Noah's.

Noah's cycle shop.

Photo 7

A view across the bridge shows a series of buildings, some of which have been restored and now act as business premises.

The entrance to the Bourne Mill complex.

Photo 8

The little port door can be seen from a higher vantage point on the canal bridge.

A view of the original entrance to the port, seen next to one of the restored mill buildings.

Photo 9

One of the restored mill buildings with a row of bikes lined up next to the wall.

Noah's Cycle Shop with a selection of bikes outside.

Photo 10

Another restored mill building where you can see brightly coloured surfboards through windows!

Snowboards, another business at Bourne Mill.