Brimscombe Port


Brimscombe Port 1

The Place

Soon to change once again into a thriving basin, Brimscombe Port was once a huge trans-shipment site, where goods were stored and re-distributed. Locks from the River Severn were built for trows – flat bottomed sailing boats. Locks down to the River Thames were for narrower, but longer boats from the Thames. This meant that goods had to be trans-shipped from one kind of boat to another.

An island in the middle of the port provided secure storage for coal and an unusual weighing machine, used to check the amount of cargo on boats passing through.

Enthusiastic explorers can seek out a narrow path at East Wharf Cottage leads alongside the Brimscombe Port walls and on to Bourne Mill. The route will no longer be accessible to walkers during works.

You can find out more about Brimscombe Port by going to : where there is an interactive PDF with lots more information and old photographs about the Port.

The People

Bruce Hall, who regularly gives talks about the canal, gives a potted history of the Brimscombe Port site.