Ryeford Wharf Main


At Ryeford Wharf you'll see houses that used to be old wharf buildings including a cabinet maker's house. Opposite the wharf is a sturdy stone wall – this was the 'proper and durable fence' that the canal company insisted was built around a coal wharf called Marling's Pen. Coal would be unloaded from boats and stored here, ready for delivery. This is the only coal pen of this quality to survive on the canal today.

If you search around, you might also find a metal plate that used to be the foundation of a wharf crane.

Two panels across the bridge at Ryeford describe the canal in its heyday.

Just to the west of Ryeford Wharf is Jacob's Cottage – some canalside cottages near to Ryeford are old waterway cottages. Check out the sign with a picture of a Jacob sheep.


Jon Pontefract

Jon Pontefract

Lots of people help to build up a picture of the Wharf including, Bruce Hall, a former Canals Trust chairman, Clive Field, manager of the Cotswold Canals Visitor Centre, Colin Wood, who lived near to the canal, Simon Casey, who recalls a childhood memory and Jon Pontefract, who manages all the volunteer work on the canal.