Ryeford Double Lock


Ryeford Lock Main

The Place

The lock, which is listed, has been recently restored, and it's worth looking out for some of its unusual features. It's a double lock where the middle gate is shared by the upper and lower lock. Over the years, there have been difficulties when water has built up behind the lock wall, causing damage to the lock walls. You can see circular drainage holes, which were put in to relieve pressure on the wall.

The cottage next to the lock is also listed and was built in the early days of the canal. At first there was just a little shelter here for the lock keeper and this still exists. But this used to be quite an isolated location and eventually a house as built by the canal company so that the lock keeper could be on site.

The People

Martin Hyde, talks about a flood here and Simon Casey is a landscape architect working on the restoration project. Ken Burgin is chief executive for the restoration project.