Ryeford Swing Bridge


Photo 1

A Georgain house with a tall red brick wall sits right next to the waterway wall. Ryeford swing bridge is in the background.

This canalside house has a long history of associations with the waterway.

Photo 2

The view through a gap in the wall shows water pouring over a sluice and down to the River Frome beyond. Alongside is the broken old metal window to a former industrial building.

Sluices that Martin Hyde used to operate to run water out of the canal in heavy weather conditions.

Photo 3

A bridge with crossed decorative metal, painted black and white, leads across the canal.

This photograph shows a detailed view of the little swing bridge installed by volunteers.

Photo 4

A small, black painted door in a red brick wall.

The little door to Ryeford Sluices

Photo 5

Small plaque on the back of a bench at the canalside.

Here is the little plaque in memory of William Evill, mentioned in Bill's